Jon Rosier

Content Strategist

I’m Spartan

I don’t give up. I don’t back down. When I see an obstacle on the battlefield I will either run right through it or find a way to get around it. There is always another way. When it comes to content creation and web visibility it takes a guy like me to strategically maneuver over and around the ever-changing trends. I bring results, not excuses.


I create dynamic content. I have been a web developer / SEO enthusiast for over 10 years. I became officially educated about web development and SEO at MTI college in 2007. Over the years I have written zillions of essays, blogs, articles and even a book. I have helped to bring several websites to the top of the search engines. I love the challenge, and I want to help you get yours there too.

Work Ethic/Style

I am a beast. I show up and make things happen. I stay honest and transparent with everybody I work with. I am passionate about what I do so I enjoy my work. I work great with others, yet I can handle challenges without supervision. I am the kind of guy you can count on to meet deadlines and handle the grunt work.

Interesting Fact

I wrote and published a book about meditation last year.


I love outdoor stuff. Don’t get me wrong, my indoor hobbies are building websites, reading, and writing, but I love to be outside. Whether I am hiking, riding a bike, walking, fishing, swimming in the ocean, or just enjoying the fresh air I like it outside. I like growing stuff in the garden too. It always amazes me when I watch a tiny, dried out seed turn into a healthy, green, living plant that produces food. Oh yeah, one more, I don’t know if it is considered a “hobby” or not, but I meditate every day for 30 minutes. It keeps me grounded and level-headed.

It's time to bring out the big guns

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