Strawesome is an ecommerce website has seen more than 230% growth in both website traffic and online sales since working with Spartan Websites.








Strawesome is an ecommerce website that has been working with Spartan for over 5 years. Through online marketing, website redesign, search engine optimization, social media, email and content marketing, they have seen more than 230% growth in both website traffic and online sales since working with us.


The initial website was doing a fairly decent job at selling products however it became evident in that an updated layout and product flow was necessary. After redesigning the website and the customer journey, we were able to launch the new website prior to Black Friday and the holiday shopping season.


One year later, Strawesome saw a growth of over 230% and with the customer loyalty rate, this success has also turned into wholesale partnerships across the world. The next holiday season was proven to be the best yet for Strawesome with a growth of more than 240% in online revenue.

“Spartan has been the best partner for my company, we couldn’t be happier with the success that we have had. We are now moving into a 8,000 square foot warehouse due to our business growth!”


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